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william james stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - william james was an original thinker in and between the disciplines of physiology psychology and philosophy his twelve hundred page masterwork the principles of psychology 1890 is a rich blend of physiology psychology philosophy and personal reflection that has given us such ideas as the stream of thought and the baby s impression of the world as one great blooming buzzing confusion pp 462, amazon com the philosophy of william james an - this is an accessible introduction to the full range of the philosophy of william james it portrays that philosophy as containing a deep division between a promethean type of pragmatism and a passive mysticism the pragmatist james conceives of truth and meaning as a means to control nature and make it do our bidding, the philosophy of william james amazon com - james is also of course the great pioneer of american academic psychology and a remarkable researcher in the area of comparative religion his varieties of religious experience is still one of the classical works of comparative religious study james and the james family has been much studied, james william internet encyclopedia of philosophy - born in new york city on january 11 1842 william james was the oldest of the five children of henry james sr and mary walsh james his oldest brother henry james jr the renowned writer of fiction was followed by two other brothers and a sister, william james by individual philosopher philosophy - william james 1842 1910 was a 20th century american philosopher and psychologist and is generally considered one of the most influential of all american philosophers along with charles sanders peirce and john dewey he is recognized as one of the founders of the largely american philosophical, the philosophy of william james ebay - the philosophy of william james by thodore flournoy william james english pape see more like this the philosophy of william james by william james english paperback book brand new, william james dedicated to the new information philosophy - the thought and character of william james boston little brown 1936 vol 1 p 323 james later coined the terms hard determinism and soft determinism in his essay on the dilemma of determinism delivered as an address to harvard divinity school students in divinity hall on march 13 1884 at 7 30pm and published in the unitarian review for september 1884