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mogao caves in china crystalinks - dunhuang and the cave of manuscripts dunhuang has 492 caves with 45 000 square meters of frescos 2 415 painted statues and five wooden structured caves, dunhuang china britannica com - dunhuang dunhuang city western gansu sheng province northwestern china situated in an oasis in the gansu xinjiang desert region it is at the far western limit of traditional chinese settlement along the silk road across central asia dunhuang was the first trading town reached by foreign merchants, the art of dunhuang dha ac cn - figure 1 mogao grottoes along the cliff dunhuang gobi desert china among the must see treasures of the world are the 1600 year old dunhuang cave temple museums, the caves of dunhuang fan jinshi amazon com - this book now becomes the main source for top quality representations of the shrine and temple paintings of dunhuang in the early middle ages dunhuang was a major center on the silk road and became a huge focus for religious activity mostly buddhist but also daoist and other, http public dha ac cn content aspx id 598699867894 - , the silk road dunhuang hotel dunhuang - the silk road dunhuang hotel was founded in 1995 situated against the backdrop of the picturesque mingsha sand dunes in dunhuang gansu province the hotel captures the living taste of the tang dynasty with its unique architectural design the large rooftops and winding corridors of the han and tang dynasties the typical enclosed courtyard style design and mud walls of the northwestern part, the world s coolest caves travel leisure - the largest trove of chinese buddhist art isn t in beijing or shanghai it s buried within 492 caves dug by wandering monks along a desert cliff face on an isolated stretch of the ancient silk, welcome to the international dunhuang project - the international dunhuang project the silk road online idp is a ground breaking international collaboration to make information and images of all manuscripts paintings textiles and artefacts from dunhuang and archaeological sites of the eastern silk road freely available on the internet and to encourage their use through educational and research programmes, digital dunhuang cave list - summary this cave was constructed during the datong era in the western wei according to the inscriptions on the north wall which has the dates of the fourth year and fifth year of the datong era of the western wei 538 548 and it is the dated earliest cave among the dunhuang caves the main chamber is square in plan and has a truncated pyramidal ceiling, art religion and politics in medieval china qiang ning - the cave temple complex popularly known as the dunhuang caves is the world s largest extant repository of tang buddhist art among the best preserved of the dunhuang caves is the zhai family cave built in 642, idp education teachers international dunhuang project - the story of gansu where cultures and religions meet in 2005 idp prepared a bilingual dvd of maps texts images sounds and videos relating to the history of dunhuang, shaolin tour longmen caves tours in henan china china - tours to shaolin temple luoyang longmen grottoes in henan china shaolin kungfu tour and wushu show longmen caves tour packages from zhengzhou information and online travel service for china hotels tours flights and cruises, hong kong public museums history - the gallery features more than 100 exhibits including early editions of jin yong s novels invaluable manuscripts documents and photos introducing the early career of dr cha jin yong the creative process behind his martial arts novels and the impact the novels have had on hong kong s popular culture, grottes de mogao wikip dia - les grottes de mogao chinois pinyin m g o k litt ralement grottes d une hauteur in gal e ouvertes au public depuis 1980 seules quarante grottes restent ouvertes au public par roulement dont dix en permanence forment un syst me de 492 chapelles bouddhistes pr s de dunhuang dans la province de gansu en chine en marge du d sert de gobi, current exhibitions hong kong extras3 - current exhibitions gilded glory chaozhou woodcarving to 25th february 2019 the exhibition gilded glory chaozhou woodcarving is running at the hong kong museum of history from 8th november 2018 to 25th february 2019