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subtracting fractions illustrated with steps mathsisfun com - there are 3 simple steps to subtract fractions step 1 make sure the bottom numbers are the same so the slices are the same size step 2 subtract the top numbers, illustrated fractions basic mathematics - 7 least common multiple an understanding of multiples is important in order to understand the meaning of least common multiple the multiples of a number are the answers that you get when you multiply that number by the whole numbers, illustrated fractions jetser carasco 9781453696132 - jetser carasco is a mathematics teacher with more than 4 years of experience teaching mathematics in massachusetts he attended the university of massachusetts boston where he graduated with a mathematics major and the university of antilles and guyane guadeloupe france where he also graduated with a double major in mathematics and computer science, illustrated fractions jetser carasco google books - a deep and thorough coverage of fractions with the use of modeling and important number theory concepts that are essentials to master fractions lessons and exercises are fully modeled or illustrated with rectangles circles parts of a circle and other graphs to make fractions intuitive visual spatial and concrete, multiplying whole numbers and fractions illustrated - multiplying whole numbers and fractions illustrated lesson plan use this lesson plan to teach your students to illustrate products of whole numbers and fractions using number lines, dividing fractions interactive notebook the illustrated - dividing fractions by fractions is easy keep invert multiply voila on the other hand understanding dividing fractions is a bit of a head scratcher importantly most modern standards expect students to reason mathematically not just memorize the algorithm