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list of conspiracy theories wikipedia - today there are many conspiracy theories concerning the assassination of john f kennedy in 1963 vincent bugliosi estimates that over 1 000 books have been written about the kennedy assassination at least ninety percent of which are works supporting the view that there was a conspiracy as a result of this the kennedy assassination has been described as the mother of all conspiracies, jews plotted the armenian holocaust real jew news - 50 comments stephanie march 28 2008 5 30 pm you know something i just realized after reading your articles on the genocides of the russians the armenians the ukrainians this is what they do, bolshevik jews plotted the ukrainian holocaust real jew news - 63 comments dave june 23 2008 4 29 pm excellent site brother kapner you have chutzpa in fact i m afraid that your site is so thorough and compelling that it will be one of the first to be unplugged by the very group that is chomping at the bit to enact hate speech codes to be applicable to the net, the jewish enemy nazi propaganda during world war ii and - there are a lot of films books essays and other stuff centered in world war ii and of course the holocaust but many of these works talk about how it happened the deportation the guettos the concentration camps, international red cross report confirms the holocaust of - trotsky was a jew most other bolsheviks weren t trotsky was also a menshevik until 1916 most of the victims of the goulag wish is an acronym for the work camps not an archipelago were minorities like turkmens lithuanians estonians etc, how to refute holocaust denial jewish virtual library - this page contains a point by point refutation of the half truths and outright lies published in a pamphlet entitled 66 questions answers about the holocaust published as a bible for holocaust denial by the institute for historical review ihr, holocaust teacher resource center - this holocaust teacher resource center trc web site is dedicated to the memory of the six million jewish people slaughtered during the holocaust and the millions other people slaughtered during the nazi era, holocaust con is on again real jew news - as easter approaches when christians reflect on the death and resurrection of jesus christ the holocaust hoax will be in our faces once again holocaust remembrance week carefully arranged in the very same month christians honor christ s resurrection will be replete with tax payer, the holocaust lie the good news about god - 1 people lie science doesn t eye witnesses are notoriously inaccurate whether it is regarding an automobile accident or the supposed holocaust