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compared deer rifles in the field chuckhawks com - by the guns and shooting online staff during deer season we here at guns and shooting online take the opportunity to use a variety of rifles note our impressions and compare the strong and weak points of the various rifles in the field we live close enough to deer country actually in deer country that we are able to embark of a series of day hunts returning home each evening, favorite deer rifles chuckhawks com - by chuck hawks i have been fortunate to own and hunt with a large number of deer rifles during my 40 years of deer hunting most were entirely satisfactory some had flaws that made me glad to change to something else and a few stick out in my mind as particularly appropriate for the purpose, top 10 cartridges for hunting whitetail deer outdoor life - the whitetail deer is the most popular big game animal to hunt in the united states so it stands to reason that a huge number of rifle cartridges are well suited for the job, big game rifles and cartridges hardcover amazon com - big game rifles and cartridges elmer keith on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers first published in 1936 this is a handbook on riles and guns used for hunting with chapters on the different guns commonly used, 11 best rifle cartridges for whitetail deer field stream - this 140 grain bullet travels only at 2 465 fps and produces about 1 943 ft lb of energy at the muzzle and 1 501 ft lb at 100 yards but few deer live to complain about those numbers if shots, deer hunting articles news information tips for - everything you need to know about deer hunting and whitetail deer including deer anatomy field dressing hunting the rut deer habitat shot placement and more, straight wall cartridge rifle law has iowa hunters gun - iowa hunters can legally shoot deer this fall with rifles using straight wall cartridges and gun shop owners are reporting brisk sales of ammunition and new firearms, guns hunting shooting at the old deer hunters - the odha is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife hunting reloading and recreational shooting the odha site provides information on firearms hunting handloading and safety for men and women who share our interest in the outdoors, best loads white muzzle loading - this is the 330 240 superslug measuring 330 diameter and weighing 240 grains ballistic coefficient is 36 so far this is an experimental caliber and bullet included to whet the appetite of muzzleloading experimenters, howa rifles the countryman derby howa 1500 rifles - the countryman of derby ltd is a family run company located close to derby city centre first opening for business in 1986 we have a 5000 sq ft retail premises with free onsite parking stocking over 800 shotguns rifles air rifles and air pistols alongside optics reloading equipment shooting accessories and clothing, the 10 best whitetail rifles ever made field stream - let us all praise the whitetail deer eater of shrubs wrecker of cars biological miracle inhabitant of dreams i know men who can kill a charging cape buffalo without a change of pulse rate but, deer hunting surprise 6 5 grendel sporting classics daily - the 6 5mm 264 caliber revolution is well underway so let s meet the baby of the bunch the 6 5 grendel last summer i had a chance to work with a prototype howa 6 5 grendel mini action rifle designed specifically to optimize this diminutive 6 5mm cartridge in a bolt action, 7mm int rimmed shooters forum - only in contenders its not quite as flexible as a 7 30 waters but being based on 30 30 family of brass you can t really go wrong plus with it being a 7mm depending on the action you can load it up and load it down with dang near anything under the sun, rifles for sale buy rifles online hinterland outfitters - find rifles for sale at discount prices buy top quality rifles online at hinterland outfitters with top brands like beretta browning winchester more